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Application of Aluminum Materials in Packaging Industry(Part 2)

Aug. 28, 2020

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2. Aluminum-plastic blister packaging

At present, it is more and more common to use blister packaging in the packaging of health food and pharmaceutical tablets and capsules. Aluminum-plastic blister is also called blister packaging, or PTP (Press Through Packaging) for short. The aluminum foil used in the blister pack is a sealing material densely sealed on a rigid sheet of medical plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC), so it is also called a lidding material. Almost all products that require opaque or high-barrier composite materials in modern packaging use aluminum foil as a barrier layer. This is because aluminum foil has a highly dense metal crystal structure that can completely block any gas, so it is widely used. It is estimated that the packaging of pharmaceutical blister materials will account for about 60% to 70% of the future pharmaceutical tablet and capsule packaging, and it is one of the pharmaceutical packaging materials with the best development prospects.

However, the quality of my country's medicinal aluminum foil is far from that of imported aluminum foil. Judging from the actual situation reflected by several domestic companies that produce PTP pharmaceutical packaging, there are mainly the following two problems.

(1) The number of pinholes in medicinal aluminum foil is far below the requirement. Aluminum foil pinholes are penetrating performance defects, which affect the barrier properties of aluminum foil, especially when used in medicine packaging. It is easy to penetrate oxygen, water vapor, and light to reduce the efficacy of medicines. In the national standard, the diameter of pinholes should not be greater than 0.3mm, and the diameters of 0.1~0.3mm should not be more than 1/m2. At present, domestic aluminum foils rarely meet this standard.

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(2) Medical aluminum foil has uneven thickness and low tensile strength. Due to the uneven thickness of the aluminum foil, it is easy to cause the adhesive coating amount in the PTP aluminum foil mechanical coating process to reach the standard coating amount range, which will affect the thermal strength of the aluminum foil and the PVC rigid sheet. Due to uneven thickness and low tensile strength, foil breakage occurs after tension is applied during rewinding and rewinding in actual processing, which is not conducive to normal production. These problems require the attention of raw material manufacturers.

3. Aluminum beverage can

At present, the development of aluminum beverage cans has three major characteristics, namely easy-open lids, special-shaped cans, and self-heating/self-cooling beverage cans. For a long time, although metal packaging such as aluminum beverage cans has been challenged by tinplate and PET materials, due to its light weight and recyclable advantages, it is still one of the main beverage packaging forms and has not only been developed steadily, and it is constantly developing and innovating.

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