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Can Copper Wire and Aluminum Wire Be Screwed Together?

Jun. 24, 2020

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Briefly introduce the advantages and disadvantages of copper wire and aluminum wire:

In the same area, copper wire has a larger load than aluminum wire. Copper wire is more flexible than aluminum wire. Copper wire has lower resistivity than aluminum wire. Copper wire has better stability than aluminum wire. However, copper wire is about 3.5 times the price of aluminum wire. So, in order to save money, many people will choose to use aluminum wire, but I still strongly recommend copper wire, this money can not be saved! If some friends, first use aluminum wire, and later bought copper wire. Can copper wire and aluminum be directly connected? Answer: No.

Why can't copper wire and aluminum wire be connected together?

1. The potential of copper and aluminum is different. The copper and aluminum contact parts will accelerate the oxidation of the aluminum wire due to the reaction of the galvanic battery. The copper and aluminum joints will have poor contact for a long time. If you want to connect them together, you must use copper and aluminum excessive clips or excessive conduit.

2. This is a chemical problem. The chemical properties of metals are relatively active and inactive. For example, gold never rusts. This means that gold is not chemically active, iron is easy to rust, and iron is more active than gold. Putting metals together will accelerate the oxidation of active metals. Compared with copper, aluminum is more active. The two cable connections will accelerate the oxidation of aluminum (that is, rust), which affects the use.

3. When the copper and aluminum conductors are directly connected, the contact surface of these two metals can easily form an electrolyte under the action of moisture, carbon dioxide and other impurities in the air, thereby forming a primary battery with aluminum as the negative electrode and copper as the positive electrode , Causing galvanic corrosion of aluminum, resulting in increased contact resistance at the connection between copper and aluminum.

 Copper Wire Scrap

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Why use copper-aluminum transition clamps when connecting copper and aluminum wires?

1. The gray-white substance generated in the connection between the copper wire and the aluminum wire is slightly longer than the aluminum oxide. The contact resistance of the connection will increase and generate heat, which will cause the building fire when the circuit is turned on and off. Therefore, a special copper-aluminum transition clamp is required. Avoid unnecessary trouble!

2. If the copper wire and the aluminum wire are directly hinged together, the joint is easily oxidized, resulting in increased resistance, which is more likely to burn out. The real cause of this damage is that the aluminum element is more active than the copper element, and a micro-potential (ie, micro-battery) will be generated at the copper-aluminum junction surface, resulting in micro-corrosion, and the contact resistance becomes larger over time. For common homework, it is more reliable to connect copper tin again.

3. In the power system, copper and aluminum are directly connected, and galvanic corrosion will occur when current flows. Therefore, copper-aluminum transition should be used, or a tin sheet should be placed in the middle of the contact surface, and a layer of conductive paste should be applied if possible. When connecting ordinary households, tin can be hung on the copper wire and then connected with the aluminum wire to avoid galvanic corrosion.

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